Black Friday Outdoor research ** Transfer Hooded Jackets soft shell Black BJ820 Women´s clothing # Jeans glamorous # Exclusive

Black Friday Outdoor research ** Transfer Hooded Jackets soft shell Black BJ820 Women´s clothing # Jeans glamorous # Exclusive

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Outdoor research Women´s clothing Jackets soft shell , Outdoor Research Transfer Hooded Jackets soft shell Black Women´s clothing,glamorous,Exclusive Deals Just as sleek and functional riding to your morning staff meeting as fending off graupel on your Sunday peak-bagging mission. Nylon 40D twill weave face brings heavy-duty windproofing while polyester microfleece backing feels cozy and luxurious underneath. Subtle details like an adjustable hood?now with a wire brim?and zip chest pocket keep the style subtle and chic.Features:- Fabric Performance: Water-Resistant, Wind-Resistant, Breathable- Design Features: Fully Adjustable Hood, Brushed Tricot-Lined Collar, Zip Chest Pocket, Zip Hand Pockets, Integrated Hood Cordlocks- Functional Details: Single-Separating Center Front Zipper, Hook/ Loop Cuff Closures, Elastic Drawcord HemSpecifications:- Fit: Standard Fit- Fabric: 100% nylon 40D twill weave face with 100% polyester microfleece backer- Avg. Weight (oz./g): 17.1oz / 487g (M)With Outdoor Research Transfer Hooded you can enjoy your activities without complications. If you like the brand Outdoor Research and their ski products, visit the categories of the ski products that you are looking for and place your order as soon as possible and receive it in a few days. Our aim at Outdoor Research complete in specifications UK is to make high-quality products accessible to all with an efficient worldwide delivery service. Outdoor Research - Women´s clothing - Jackets soft shell#pro_des_img img { float: left!important; height: auto!important; max-width: 100%!important; min-width:600px !important; margin: 5px 0px; clear:both;}

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